Mustangs of the Month for September

Congratulations to the spectacular students who earned their awards. What phenomenal role models we have for our younger students. (Grades 3-5)

Congratulations to our extraordinary students who showed us how great of students we have here. Great job guys!! (Grades K-2)

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Mustangs of the Week for 10/1-10-5

Congratulations to our stupendous Mustangs of the Week for 10/1-10/5. We are so lucky to have students that work so hard to display our Mustang traits. Keep up the great work guys!!

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Mint Valley students learn about carbon monoxide

“Airy the Canary” is the classroom mascot kids at Mint Valley Elementary look to when learning about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade are learning about carbon monoxide through a partnership with Kris Hauschildt and the Jenkins Foundation.

To help students learn the concept of carbon monoxide Airy the Canary is used as a part of the curriculum. Mint Valley classrooms were supplied with carbon monoxide alarms and kids were given Airy the Canary stickers, which help spur conversations at home about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Mint Valley Elementary Principal Jean Merritt said, “We are thankful Kris has taken a family tragedy and turned it into a positive community effort to educate kids and families about the dangers of carbon monoxide.”

“Mint Valley is proud to help Kris launch this initiative”, Merritt added.

Recently Longview Firefighters visited Mint Valley Elementary and talked about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the difference between smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Mint Valley is sending home vouchers to parents for a free carbon monoxide detector that can be picked up at the Longview Fire Department open house on October 13. The Jenkins Foundation is supplying at least 100 detectors free of charge.


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Mustangs of the Week for 9/24-9/28

Take a look at these impressive Mustangs of the Week for 9/24-9/28. These kids show model Mustang behavior, and we love to celebrate how amazing they really are.

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Mustangs of the Week for 9/11-9/21

Congratulations to our first Mustangs of the Week of the 18-19 school year. What a marvelous group of kids we have this year. I’m sure that the teachers had a difficult decision to pick which one got the award first. Way to go guys!! Keep up the hard work.

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Check out the Mint Valley App

All Mint Valley information at your fingertips. Want news, calendars, notify us your child is sick; all of that is available with the convenience of an app. Try it out today.

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Welcome Back Mustangs, 2018

We are eagerly anticipating the first day of school!  We hope you have been reading this summer and are ready to launch into a new year of learning! Here at Mint Valley we are proud to be respectful, responsible, safe and kind.   All of these behaviors help us to be great learners. We will see you soon!

Go Mustangs!

Mrs. Merritt

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LPS celebrates summer reading!

Longview Public Schools Superintendent Dan Zorn and School Board member Phil Jurmu set the pace at Longview’s Go Fourth parade.

While serving as grand marshal of the 2018 Go Fourth parade, Superintendent Dan Zorn and his crew of LPS staff, board members, family and friends passed out thousands of bookmarks encouraging everyone to read this summer.

The bookmarks include a link to “Superintendent Storytime,” where Dr. Zorn shares several of his favorite children’s books.


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LPS graduates take diverse paths: Becky Grubbs, MMHS

Young people sample lots of activities in high school, and by the time they graduate each has a unique set of experiences to call their own. We asked three members of Longview’s class of 2018 to share something about their high school careers, a piece of advice and their post-graduation plans.

MMHS grad Becky Grubbs

Mark Morris grad Becky Grubbs

Mark Morris High School: Hardwired to help

Becky Grubbs seems hardwired for volunteering.

“I’ve been doing non-profit work since I was 18 months old,” said
the senior, describing those early times with her grandparents
at FISH of Cowlitz County, which distributes food and other services.

This year and last, Becky received Volunteer of the Year honors from the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum United Way.

Becky began volunteering at the United Way as a sophomore and soon was helping plan events, like the Day of Caring campaign. This year she worked with LPS to implement a literacy program that put 100 Mark Morris and R.A. Long students in third grade classrooms where they encouraged the younger students to read for fun.

“Becky took it on as her pet project … and set up student teams at the high schools,” said Brooke Fisher-Clark, United Way executive director. “It was really magical to see that partnership.”

Becky said volunteer work has taught her that there is always a way to help.

“United Way really helped me find out how to contribute,” she said.

Next steps: Finish an associate’s degree in business at Lower Columbia College and then pursue a four-year degree to become a financial planner or accountant.

Advice for younger students: “I would suggest they look for opportunities for things they can do in their own community. There’s always some way to help. You can always find something to do.”

Click here to read about Discovery graduate Natalie Rodriguez .

Click here to read about R.A. Long graduate Hamzah Amjad.


Story originally appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of the Longview Schools Review.

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